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Phase One Establish working conversion facilities worldwide. Provide information for EV enthusiasts that plan to convert thier cars. Sell existing conversion kits that are now available.





Conversion Services are Booming!

There are About a Billion Gas Cars on the Planet. The Public has Finally Seen the Damaging Results Caused by Massive Oil Addictions. Over the Past Few Years More Advancements have Been Made in Electric Car Technologies than Ever!

We are in the Center of the Phase Out of Gas Burning Motors. We Plan to be the "Jiffy Lube" of the Electric Conversion World. We are Providing Millions of Customers Simple Options to Never Buy Gas Again.

Our Customers will Drop off their Gas Car at One of Our Franchised Conversion Shops and Pick it Up Fully Electric.

Our Main Goal is to Find People who See the Future. We're Seeking Qualified Auto Professionals who Want to Convert Cars, Open Conversion Shops and Help Us Build a Network of Conversion Shops Worldwide.

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