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ElectricCars.com and ElectricConversions.com has relocated from Silicon Valley to Carson City, Nevada (Reno). We are ramping up for upcoming business and starting to put together a list of auto geniuses who know how to tear car motors, trans and electric systems apart and install state of the art lithium powered conversion kits. We know we are ahead of our time (again!) But, as gas prices climb that all will change.

Think about it, for a hundred years humans have been drilling for oil, deeper, everywhere and now it's become such an addiction it has driven our society into recessions, wars and the auto industry knows it's going to come to an end.

Still, the auto industry will make 40 million more gas cars this year, that's 400 million more over the next 10 years... In 1996 we predicted $4 per gallon gas by 2010 and people laughed at us, today we predict GAS PRICES $5, $6, $7 COMING BY 2020. This will shut down transportation as we know it. What will be the only savior? You got it, clean electric powered vehicles. We are already talking to BMW, GM, Ford and the big guys about making custom installations for every model they sell. In 2012 we were just featured in the movie "What is the electric car" which was not shown much on tv because the networks are funded by oil commercial ads. It traveled around the USA, getting interest from auto execs and investors.

This is coming. We are going to eventually franchise ElectricConversions.com into "the jiffy lube of conversion services". People will drop off their gas cars on Monday and pick them up on Friday fully electric. Our first 18 years were negative income, then OPEC offered us millions to sell out. But, our goal is this... SIMPLE: THERE'S A COUPLE HUNDRED MILLION CARS ON THE PLANET AND GAS IS ONLY GOING TO INCREASE IN PRICE. SOONER OR LATER PEOPLE UNDERSTAND GAS CAUSES HIGH FOOD PRICES, RECESSIONS, DEPRESSIONS... THE THINKERS OUT THERE KNOW WE HAVE TO CONVERT CARS TO EV'S - WE ARE THE CENTER OF THIS MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT IN HUMAN EXISTENCE.

We do have hundreds of interested customers already signed up for conversions and the key is gas going above $4 per gallon (done!) and new lithium technologies that are within 2-5 years away will make ranges of 200-500 miles per charge available, but don't stop there, we're not... we're influencing photo voltaic manufacturers to think about the real revolution in EVs PHOTOVOLTAIC PAINT ON CARS. In 10-20 years our cars will be sitting in the parking lots all day charging, no longer will 10 batteries be necessary! You will be able to drive from California to Brazil and Back charging all the way!.

We want people in place ready to go converting a handful of cars now, when one of the major auto entities invests in our company all we will do is cookie cutter hundreds of locations nationwide, worldwide. Soon, gas is going to $5,6 and eventually $7... a few of us are thinking ahead. Join us. Investors, welcome.


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